Matthew S.

One day when a boy was taking a shower with his dad, he saw his penis and "What is that?" His dad told him that it is his Limosine. The next day when shower time came, the boy was taking a shower with his mom. He sees her vagina and asks "Mom, what is that?" His mom replies "That's just my garage." The boy then looks up and sees her boobs, and asks "Mom what are those?" His mom tells him "Oh, these are my headlights." They both then get out of the shower and the boy goes to bed. 10 minutes later, he runs into his parents room and says he saw a monster. They both agree to let him sleep with them, if he doesnt look under the covers. Being curious, he looks under, then yells "Mom you better open your garage and turn your headlights on because daddie's limosine is coming in!"

funniness: 5.65

rating: PG