Abigail B.

After practice during baseball season in Javan, Michael, one of the Javan Jaguars gave one of his buddies a ride home. The boy lived in the country a bit, and Michael lived in town. When he got dropped off, the boy gave Michael directions for a shorter route to get back to town, but after some time, Michael realized that he was really lost. Somewhat embarresed, he decided to stop and ask a farmer for directions. Parking his car so that the licence plate was hidden, he walked up to the farmer, pretending to be an out-of-towner. He politely asked the farmer how to get to Javan, stumbling over the name a bit to try to sound clueless. The farmer looked him over and said, "You're on the Jaguar's baseball team, aren't you?" "Crap!" thought John. "This guy must come to all the games!" He became very embarresed. As he turned to walk away he looked down and realized that in his team spirit he was proudly sporting his teams's baseball shirt! Shamefully he turned to walk away, but the farmer said, "Don't worry son, I won't tell a soul," and gave John directions to town. This is based on a true story.

funniness: 2.80