Katherine M.

One day Brain, a young boy, goes down to his dad and asks, "What is this?" as he points to his penis. The father, not wanting to give him the full on explanation, said,"That just helps you go to the bathroom." "So nothing else will come out of it?" said the little boy "Yes, nothing else!" The father assured the little boy Later that day he went over to his friend's house. "Guess what I learned today?" called Brain. The freind shrugged his shoulders. "I learned what this thing was! And that it is only used for bathroom business." Brian continued. "wait,"said Brain's friend,"If we only use it in the bathroom for business than why was daddy using it is the bedroom the other day?" Brain looked stunned. Now he was supposed to go to the bedroom instead of the bathroom, itleast that is what he though. "Yeah, and daddy was going to the bathroom in there too except for some reason it was white instead of mine. I wonder if that's what happens when we get older?" Brain went to bed that night thinking about what his friend had said. Than suddenly he heard a sound coming from his parents' bedroom. Quickly Brain rushed over to see what was going on and there he saw what his friend was talking about. "DADDY IS GOING TO THE BATHROOM ON MOMMY!!!" he whisperd to himself. The next day his dad went up to his room to see his little son, naked, on top of his freind (who was also naked) Natalie. "BRAIN WHAT IS THIS!!" he screamed grabbing his son off of the little girl. "Well you said that I could only use this for bathroom business. So last night I saw you on top of mommy going to the bathroom. I needed to go so I told Natalie to help me do it!" The dad put down his head and sighed.

funniness: 3.47

rating: PG