.mally-sportsrulle m.

bob and mary are in kindergarden and are playing in the sandbox. bob dares mary to take off the her pants and she does. he points at her vagina and asks wat is that??? she says i don't no i'll ask my mom.. then she dares bob to take off his pants, she points at his penis and asks wat is that? he says i don't no i'll ask my dad. so mary goes home and asks her mom. mom wat is this? her mom replies, it is a garage. a truck must NEVER part in it. Bob asks his dad, dad wat is this? he says it is a truck u must try to put it into a garage. the next day mary comes home from skool with bloody hands. marys mom asks wat happened? she says MOMMy mommy!! a truck tried to park in my garage so i ripped it off!!!

funniness: 5.50

rating: PG