Gigi M.

Okay, so a dumb blonde walks up to her teacher and says, "Miss Mayberry, why did we get so much homework last night? I almost missed my date with my boyfriend! And it's your entire fault!" Miss Mayberry says, "Well Kelly, we did not have that much homework last night. Come to think of it, I gave the class a worksheet and most of the class finished it in school. Did you start it in school?" "Well no, I needed help with it! And no one in class would help me so I wanted to ask my dad." "Did you ask your dad?" asked Miss Mayberry. "No he was not home same with my mom. No one was home last night." "Than how did you get it done?" Miss Mayberry asked another question. "The man that was acting like my dad and the lady that cooked like my mom, they were really good but I could tell that my parents were somewhere and these people came to fill in for them. But I also wondered last night why they had blood on there hands. Oh, well! At least my homework is done. Right, Miss Mayberry?" "Yea okay, let me just call the police real fast." "Okay but I really don't know why you would do that, but okay whatever you want to do!" The End...

funniness: 3.17

rating: PG