roman r.

what do you get when you cross a blonde and a gorilla? no one knows for sure....there's only so much a gorilla can be forced to do.... there's a blonde riding in her pickup truck. she has the radio on and keeps listening to blonde joke after blonde joke after blonde joke.....then she sees two blondes rowing a boat in a cornfield. she rolls down her window and yells "you know, it's blondes like you that give us a bad name, and if i could swim i would come out there and kick your butt!!" i saw a blonde outside and asked her why she had a big spoon and bowl in her hands and she said "well yesterday my friend told me it was gonna be chilly outside today." there were three blondes stranded on a small island. they find a magic lamp and each get one wish. they are all a mile from civilization. the first blonde wishes that she was really strong. then she swims quickly to civilization. the second blonde wishes she were really fast and does the same thing. the third blonde wishes she were really smart. then she kindly thanked the genie and walked across the bridge.

funniness: 6.27

rating: PG