roman r.

michael jackson sees a little boy on the side of the road not too far from his house. he goes to him and says "hey, little boy, want me to show you a magic trick?" the little boy says "no". "i'll give you a dollar" jackson says. "ok". they race each other to michael's house and he wins. the little boy goes in and asks the maid "where's michael jackson?" "he's sitting in a chair in his room right over there" "ok" he goes to his room and sees michael jackson who says "ok now pull your pants down" "no" "i'll give you a dollar" "ok". then he says "i'm gonna pull my pants down too" then he pulls his pants down and says "ok now come sit in my lap" then the little boy says "i thought you were going to show me a magic trick" "i am, but first come over here and sit in my lap" michael says the little boy sits in his lap and michael jackson says "feel my thumb going up your butthole? look, no hands.

funniness: 4.30

rating: PG-13