Mike S.

A white guy, a chinese guy and a black guy decide to rob this rich guys house. So all three men go there in the middle of the night and steal a few things. The owner happened to be awake and witnessed the whole thing. So he wouldn?t get hurt, he decided not to interfere. When they left the owner called the cops. ?Officer, I?ve just been robbed, and I?m missing my T.V., computer, and my prized hunting gun? said the owner ?Okay, calm down, can you give me a description,? said the cop. ?Well it was very dark but, I could?ve sworn I saw a white man take my computer and a chinese man take my gun? said the owner. ?What about the T.V.?? asked the cop. ?The strange thing is, it seems to have just floated away,? said the owner.

funniness: 5.67

rating: G