eric h.

A man gets a local talk show called Casey and Ron to prank call his wife on her birthday, and this is the conversation they had. ?Hello Lois, my name is Mike; I?m the personnel director here at your husband?s work.? ?Oh hi, how are you?? ?I?m fine. And how are you?? ?Fine.? ?Lois, are you sitting down?? ?Yes?? ?Well, I have some bad news.? ?What do you mean bad news? Bob?s ok isn?t he?? ?Well actually, that?s why I called to talk to you. It?s about Bob, and, um, I know he?s been an employee here for a very long time, but I?m afraid we?re gonna have to let Bob go.? "What do you mean? Wait that?s not very fair. He?s been very loyal to you.? ?Look I can understand you feeling that way.? ?Feeling that way? You don?t understand we just had a baby.? "No, I understand, I understand.? "This is a very hard time to do this kind of a thing.? ?Yes it is, but Bob has kind of forced our hand on this.? ?Why are you firing him?? "(sigh) We caught him doing his secretary on his office desk.? ?Oh, that sonofabitch!? ?Look, I know you're upset.? ?Upset is not the word that stupid rotten sonofabitch I can?t believe this.? ?He?s on his way home right now, and he?s gonna need your support.? ?Support my fucking ass! I?m gonna change the locks on the door; I?m throwing all his stuff on the fucking front lawn. He can just have it all. I?m not even gonna be here when he gets back. An now, now, I don?t feel so bad about fucking his brother.? ?(gasp) Lois, Lois, Lois, its Casey and Ron, it?s a joke, your husband put us up, it?s your birthday? uuuhhhh, Happy Birthday!

funniness: 8.12

rating: PG-13