Ausgezeichnet B.

There was this guy named joe. And he wasn't exactly happy with the size of his penis. So he decides to go see a psychic for help. She said she could put a spell on him that would make his penis grow 1 inch everytime someone says "pardon" He was happy with this. on the way out, he bumped into a man. He said "oh pardon me" Joe's penis grew 1 inch. "sweet!" he thought. ON the way to his car, he bumps into another man. The man saYS "Pardon Me" Joe's penis grew another inch. When he got to his next desination, the grocery store, he bumps into another man. This man says "Oh a thousand pardons" The next day, the top news headline was this: "Man killed. Shot in the face with a rocket launcher"

funniness: 5.91

rating: PG-13