bob m.

After recieving his a checkup for a number of severe migraines, Joe walks into his doctor's office and sits on the bed. The doctor walks in and begins to look at him with a dull, expressionless face. "Did you figure out the problem," Joe asks nervously? "Well, I am afraid I have bad news," begins the doctor. "We found a neural poison in your system. Your condition is fatal." Joe lowers his head and asks, "how long do I have, doc?" The doctor says, "you have about 10 to live." Joe raises his head, and puzzled, begins to freak out. He starts yelling. "10!?! 10 what?!? Years? Months?! Weeks?!? What?! Tell me!!" The doctor looks at Joe and says, "9... 8... 7..."

funniness: 5.71

rating: G