james c.

A new preacher has decided to get to know his congregation prier to sunday mass. He has decided to do this by visiting each members house during the week. The first couple of houses, every-thing goes well, and he gets more confident on how speak to his new flock. Upon knocking on the third door he gets a surprise. The lady of the house screems and slams the door. She immediatly reopens the door appologizing. The lady hollers for her husband " Freddy... Freddy, come quick. Conway Twitty is at the front door. " The preacher quickly introduces himself for who he realy is. The wife asks him to come in ashamed at her mistake. The pastor tells her not to worry, because this has happened to him many times. Finally ready to go home, he stops at his last house for the day. He knocks on the door but no-one answers. He waits a moment and tries again useing the door bell. He hears from the inside yelling to wait just a moment. To his amasement a young woman wrapped in just a towel opens the door. She immediatly screems " Conway Twitty!!! "and throws up her arms thus dropping the towel. The priest, without missing a beat replys.... " Hello Darlin'....."

funniness: 5.57

rating: PG