eliza s.

its 9pm at night and a blond is all alone in her house with her twin daughters. 3 robbers brake into the blonds house. The 3 robbers run toward her. They pick up the two twins and hole guns to thier heads. The other robber threterns the blond "give us all your bank details!!!, or else the kids cork it" the blond replies ina panic "i dont know them and i dont know how to get them, i'll have to ask my husband but he doesnt get home intil 11pm" now seeing that she was a blond and was probally very stupid the robbers dicided to guve her a chance. " okay as soon as you hubby gets home fax your bank details to this number" syas the robber "if you dont do it then the kids get it" early in the morning, the next day the robbers return. they walk into the house and approach the blond. she hasnt sent the details. "lady, whats up with you why didnt you send the details" questions one of the robbers "well i thought that was ovious" said the blond "sorry" said the robber "well it was 9pm last night when you robbed me and its 6am now, and that means the post office was shut" said the blond "im struggle to see why you need to go to the post office to send a fax lady" said the robber "dur, i needed to bye some stamps"

funniness: 1.67

rating: PG