Emily G.

Forest Gump dies and goes to the gates of Heaven where he is met by St. Peter. St. Peter says to Forest, before you go through the gates you have to pass a little test. Well forest says is it a hard test, and st. peter says well it depends. so St. Peter said there are 3 questions. 1) What are the 2 days of the week that start with the letter T? 2) How many seconds are in a year? 3) What is god's first name? Well forest goes off to think about it and he comes back and says I think I know the answers. Well St. Peter says well What two days of the week start with the letter T? Forest says Well that one was a little hard but the answer is Today and tommorrow. St. peter says that's not what i was thinking but I guess your right. How many seconds in a year? forest goes well that one was really hard but I came up with twelve. St. Peter goes now how did you get twelve? Forest goes Well January 2nd Febuary 2nd March 2nd. and St. peter goes well your right on that one. Ok so what is god's first name? Forest goes well that was the easiest of all it's Andy. St. Peter goes where did you get that Idea. Forest goes well I learned it in a song. Andhe walks with me Andhe talks with me. St. Peter opened the gates and said "RUN FOREST RUN"!!!!!!!!!!

funniness: 6.32

rating: G