Sarah T.

A black man, mexican man, and white man were walking down the street in the pouring rain. They found a small house in which they could find shelter. A nice old man greeted them and said,"I only have one extra room, only one of you can spend the night in there, the others will have to sleep outside, but there is a catch, there is a donkey in there and if u can sleep in the room with the donkey then its yours." The white guy agreed to go first. He went into the room and 5 minutes later he immidietly came out and said,"it smells too bad i cant do it." So the black guy goes in. 30 minutes later he comes out and says the same thing. So finally the mexican went in. 3 hours passed and the donkey comes out and says,"i cant do it, it smells too bad."

funniness: 5.50

rating: PG