erika p.

There was a mexican, italian, and a blonde guy and they were all electricians and they were on a 20 story high building. It was time for them to go to lunch. The mexican opened his lunchbox and found a burrito and says if I find another burrito in my lunch tomorrow im going to jump off this building to my death. The italian guy finds cabbage in his lunch box and says the same thing as the mexican said. The blonde finds a blongna sandwhich and says I?m going to jump off too if I find another bolongna sandwitch again. It was the next day and it was time for lunch and the mexican opens his lunch and finds a burrito and jumps off the building. The italian finds cabbage in his lunch again and jumps off also. The blonde guy finds a blongna sandwitch and jumps off too. At the funeral the mexicans wife is crying and she says if only I knew he didn?t like burritos I wouldn?t of made it. They all look at the italian guys wife and she is crying and says if only I knew he didn?t like cabbage I wouldn?t of made it. When they look at the blonde guys wife she is not crying and she says don?t look at me he makes his own lunch.

funniness: 6.50

rating: G