Mike S.

1. Go to Starbucks and ask the clerk to explain what is in every drink (see how long you can keep him talking 2. Dress up as a pro wrestler, challenge people to title matches. 3. Invite a couple of friends to a store with beds have each of them sleep in their own bed. 4. Go to a fast food store and order a ton of stuff then speed off without the food 5. Invite a friend to a store and build a wrestling ring, dress up as wrestlers and start kicking the crap out of each other. 6. Block the doors and ask people to ?speak the password? 7. Have a nerf gun fight and shoot random people 8. Run around the store lick a crazed maniac a scream ?EVERYONE SUCKS BUT ME? 9. Go to the gun department then run around and scream ?THE BRITISH ARE COMEING? 10. Point at random people and laugh in an evil voice. 11. Go up to someone and start telling them your life story 12. Bring a drawing pad and follow someone around the store while drawing a picture of him or her, give him or her the picture when you?re done. 13. Start reading a celebrity magazine very loudly so everyone can hear. (Make sure you sound very enthusiastic) 14. Dress up as a cop and start questioning random people (i.e. ?What are you doing?) 15. Invite a lot of friends to a mall, while dressed as a cop have them pretend to steal stuff and bust them in front of everyone. 16. Set all the radios in the electronics department to a heavy metal station, set the volume as high as possible, Listen to the rock. 17. Take a sleeping bag to a store and take a nap in the middle of an isle. 18. Play chicken with those motorized shopping carts. 19. With the same cart race people around the store. 20. Get in those carts with he little car attached to it for the kids. Have a few of your friends push you and another friend together really fast. 21. While at a store keep bothering an employee by asking him the same questions over and over again (?Where?s the sweaters?) 22. Narrate someone as the shop for stuff. (I.e. ?As he picked up the ball he looked suspiciously at it?) 23. Ask someone to hold something while you grab something off the shelves then when the person has it, run away (make sure object is rather heavy) 24. Take the pillow sacks off of the display pillows and challenge people to pillow sack races. 25. Wear a cast on both hands and untie your shoes, ask people to tie them for you, see who helps. 26. Run in the store dressed as gladiators and start sword fighting with friends. 27. Go into the store on crutches and than fall down in front of a lot of people after they help you up run away really fast. 28. When you?re at school make reserved seat sighs for your friends so they are sitting near you. 29. When the teacher leaves the room see how many laps you can run around the room before the teacher gets back. If she catches you claim that you need the exercise. 30. Before the class starts tell the teacher that you are on a strange medication and that it causes you to randomly yell when you don?t want to. Every time you?re called on scream the answer. 31. Record a fart noise on a phone or tape recorder, every time someone sits or bends down play the tape. 32. During a boring class ask to go to the bathroom when there listen to your I-pod or MP3 player. When the teacher asks what took you so long claim that you had a bad case of the runs. 33. Race your friends on the display bikes or skateboards and if anyone asks tell them your giving it a test run.

funniness: 7.55

rating: PG