Paul B.

One day little Johhny and his older sister were walking home from school when they see two dogs having sex. Johhny looks at his sister asks "What are they doing?" She hesitates for a second then replies "They are fishing." He accepts the answer and they keep going down the road. A little further along they two cats going at it. Johhny again asks his sister "What are those cats doing?" She again responds "They are also fishing" As they get closer to home when Johhny spots two cows having sex and he looks at his sister and says "Are they fishing?" She replies "Yes." As they approach the house little Johhny walks in and sees his mom giving oral sex to his dad. She stops while both are embarresed, or before either can say a word Johhny says "you and dad where fishing weren't you?" They both agree with him. And without missing a beat he says i can tell because Mommy has tarter sauce dripping down her chin.

funniness: 4.50

rating: PG-13