spider m.

A man was applying for a job, and when the boss was asking the routine questions like: "Where did you work before here? What shifts would you like to work? Where in the department would you like to be in?" He came upon this question; "Ever had any serious convictions before?" The man then replied, " I was put in prison 5 years once for throwing a rock at Hillary Clinton." "Why so long?" "Because I missed." Jack, Fred, and Bill were at the bar talking about what celevrities they would like to date. After going past the obvious people like Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton. Fred, made a startling decision. He said, "I would like to date Hillary Clinton."Jack and Bill were obviously disturbed at this decision and asked their buddy, why wold you want to date Hillary Clinton?" Fred said, "Well for one she's married to Bill Clinton so she'll obviously take anyone. Secondly, she wants to ride on her husband's coat tails and be president so her expectations have got to be low on a boyfriend. And lastly since she hasn't done anything in politics or done anything to learn how to be president, she still thinks she knows how because her husband was president. Now take this, she's very experienced on the dating circuit, so she'll think that she knows absolutely everything there is to know about relationships, so when her friends or family tell her how stupid and pointless her affair with me is, she'll say their wrong and come home and make me a hot meal out of spite.

funniness: 4.24

rating: PG