Jonathan T.

One day at school the teacher was talking about movement in school. After finishing her lesson she asked the children what they thought was the fastest. Four third graders raised their hands. the first one said that waking up was the fastest, the teacher asked why and he said because as soon as you go to sleep the night passes fast and before you know it your awake and its morning. the next kid went and she said lightning bolts because you just see the flash and before long its gone. The third kid went and he said electricity because as soon as you flip the switch the light comes on. Finally she asked the last kid who had his hand up, he answered diarrhea. Now why diarrhea asked the teacher. he replied,because in the morning i wake up, go to the bathroom as fast as a lightning bolt, flip the light switch on and when i get there i already shittted in my pants=)

funniness: 6.13

rating: PG