jason s.

Two blonde sisters had just got two new rats. They were deciding how to distinguish the rats. One blonde said "i have an idea". I will cut off my rat?s tail, and that one will be mine. When the blondes were asleep, at night, the rat that had it's tail cut off bit the other rat with the tail. In the morning they couldn't tell the difference so they had to think of another idea to be able to tell the difference between their rats. So the blonde said, "Ok I will cut of my rats legs, and that will be my rat. At night when the blondes were asleep, the rat with no legs bit off the other rat's legs. AGAIN in the morning the blonde had another idea to distinguish the rats. I will cut off my rats arms and that one will be mine. At night again the rat with no arms gnawed off the arms of the other rat. Finally when the blondes woke up, one blonde said, i have one last idea, i take the brown one and you take the white!

funniness: 6.66

rating: PG