Anthony s.

I was talking to someone on AIM and we started making fun of ourselves but not truthfully.It was so funny. Don't forget to vote at the bottom of the page. "i have no girl to release my sexual activity so i stick my tic tac in the hole of a blanket" "i have no life so here i am, on my back on the bathroom floor trying to get a closer look at my little winkie" "when you get kicked in the nuts people say it feels like they just went back into you.well i don't feel that;they're so small its like they're already in me!" "sometimes i wish that the lump that my jeans make is actually a penis instead of that tic tac i have so i walk around with half a pencil in my pants" ya something was wrong with us. p.s. all that is soo not true

funniness: 3.97

rating: PG-13