James M.

Funny Things to do to smokers DO NOT READ IF U R OFFENDED IF U R LEARN TO STOP SMOKING 1. Act as if you are drunk and ask if you can paint smokers with led paint. WHEN they say no, say well your going to die either way 2. Bring a clear bubble gun that is obviously fake with you everywhere and spray everyone saying you killed them like a cigarette 3. Bring a calculator with and with every smoker you pass say to them that they have exactly 2 in 1,473,394 chance of living or other random high numbers 4. When you pass a smoker kick him in the shin and say that's what they're doing to they're lungs 5. Tell them that suicide is not the only option 6. Ask them if they want to quit and say that it was easy for you to quit. But then being a non-smoker does include having to breathe your smoke you fag! 7. Death is all around us! Death is all around us! In song 8. Call them murderers 9. Ask them if they kiss their mothers with that mouth 10. Tell them to try something besides smoking like skydiving without a parachute or Nascar without the car 11. As you pass them, smoke a licorice. 12. Laugh as hard as possible, and if they ask you whats so funny tell them you say the future. They can smoke all they want cause Texas (or whatever state your living in) is gonna meet up with another massacre. 13. Scream there?s a murderer and if they ask where point to where they are. 14. Eat dark chocolate and tell them u do chew and spit on there foot 15. Say oh my gosh! That's how my grandpa died. 16. Give them a lecture on how bad smoking is (I did this to my aunt she got pissed) 17. Throw a smoke bomb (if legally possible) at their feet and tell them to smoke that 18. Give out pamphlets to smokers that read: God hates you he made you smoke. 19. Act like a businessman and go to known smokers houses or when you see won tell them you are selling super cigarettes and the only backdrop is they will die twice as fast. 20. Ask them to pass the suicide stick

funniness: 3.95

rating: PG