Helena D.

John has never had much luck with the ladies these are his bad days. (slam)John kicked out of some place again. mopping round in the gutter singing the same old song Heartbreak Hotel.People throwing bottles at him because he can't sing.finally he stops singing he sees any angel ahead he starts racing towards it then a angelic voice says "come with me" john is in a daze now nothing can stop him from going towards that angelic voice,then his llife starts flashing before his eyes banging chicks, singing BADLY he says "man i should have done more with my life" then he dies. Up in heaven there is a lady at the check in desk he looks down his penis is growing again he gets anoyed at this and says fuck you the lady lifts her head and says "be delighted to, but after you will by sent to hell if you can not past the three tests" so they do it. Afterwards the lady says" now for the three tests" she doesn't like this guy so she has to think up some very hard tests. "test one... you have to crete a paper plane" John makes a paper aeroplane thinking this is easy. "test two ...you have to say the three body parts of a man" john says"Brain, heart and penis" the lady nods and says "test Three... who created the Pussy" John smiled " thats Easy me" the lady then smiled would like to step right over near that gate there i'll just let you in...' she pulls the lever on the desk. john falls down a now formed hole the lady smiled"....to hell" she says cackling evily.Anthor guy works in and says"fuck you" The Woman smiles knowling "be delighted to" she says laughing softly to herself

funniness: 3.50

rating: R