John J.

This woman and her husband were in the ER and the woman was going through labor. She was screaming in pain so the doctor said. "I have these pills here, and if your husband takes one it will transfer one quarter of the pain to the father." She said "Honey, I'm in alot of pain, can you do it?" He said "Sure why not." So he popped in a pill and didn't feel anything. He said "Wow you women are such wimps I don't feel anything give me another one." The doctor reluctantly handed him another one and he popped it in. He still felt nothing and said "Wow you women are so overdramatic." He then requested the rest of them to take all the pain away from his wife. The doctor warned him of the terrible pain that would ensue but he took them anyway. He said "Wow, you women can't take any pain can you, this is nothing." So the next day after giving birth they came home. Their little eight year old son Johnny said "Mom, Dad! The wierdest thing happened the other day, the mail man came. Then out of the blue he dropped on the doorstep and started screaming in pain!!!"

funniness: 6.29

rating: PG