Helena D.

There was a man called john and he started to get a little horny. He wasn't married so he started to get horner and horner so he went to the porn shop and he dicussed his probelm to the shop keeper allthe time the shop keeper nodded and after john had finished the shopkeeper brang out a cob of corn and he said "stick this down your pants, and walk along the street" John thought a bit odd but did it thanked the shop keeper and walked out on the street. walked along a bit then was stopped by a pretty lady who pulled into a house and stared taking off her clothes by now John's penis had grown about ten inches the woman bent down and was sucking his penis . After the blow job she said "that was the bestpenis i have sucked ever because it tasted like corn" she smiled and they walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

funniness: 2.00

rating: PG-13