Gabriel W.

at a meeting with bush on stage where they are too the part where bush takes questions, I am giving you a FAQ of it... Q. what are you going to do about the war bush? A. well if it is up too me I am going too take vacation days off until it ends I hate wars! Q. why are we invading Iraq bush? A. well haven't you heard they have got a goldmine of oil up there and we want it! Q. what is your IQ? A. well it is the same as my heart rate witch is 43 and I am proud of that it used too be 40. Q. I like money! A. well join the war if I can make a war for oil I can surely make a war for money. Q. do you think we are going too win? A. well of course they are probably going too hate us in the future but what the heck we are rich of course we are going too win! Q. what about global warming? A. well I have not thought of that but I will be dead by then so do not worry I do not care so why should you?

funniness: 2.50