James M.

This is the sequel to funny things and tricks, please read the first one before this one. School things (WARNING: doing some of these may result in getting detention, sometimes expelled, or getting jail time. Some are only meant to read. Y will only result in suspicion, while the ones with N mean do not do them) 1. Sing the weirdest songs in the middle of class. 2. (N) Argue with a kid, and after a while scream, "NO! The porno goes like this and start stripping. 3. Laugh hysterically in the middle of study hall. 4. (Y) Always ask to go to the bathroom at noon or 1 o'clock. 5. Ask for one type of food and argue the food sucked to get your money back (They probbelly wont let you) and every day order the same food and do the same thing until you get bored. 1. 6.Bring a laser and when the teacher turns around shine it behind him and watch as all kids (except the nerd :p) lose interest to watch the laser. 6. If you are not in the back of a row of desks lean back as far as possible to piss off the person behind you. 7. On the first day bring in a tarantula or other creepy animals and say it will kill your mother if you do not (might be an N.) 8. (N) If your class is having a party where everyone brings a movie and you get to pick bring in everyone?s favorite, but inside the case is saw III or something super violent. 9. Yawn as loud as you can. 10. Bring sunglasses and take a nap. 11. Bring a cell phone and plant it in the teachers desk, call it right when the teacher walks in with someone else?s cell phone. 12. (N) Be nice to the teachers (some of you will have to try really hard for this on) and on the 2nd to last day be a bully to everyone that cant beat the crap outta you, for me a kid named josh keel the dee-dee-dee of our school, and go back to normal the day after. 13. (Y) Everyday, come back with a different accent, and when you run out restart. 14. Always ask the teacher to repeat the fifth word in their sentence. 15. (Y) Ever heard of Boston baked beans? Bring them to eat and say they are real beans (Boston baked beans are candies that taste like peanut M&M?s. 16. (Y) Bring pop rocks, pour them into your mouth, and open your mouth so everyone can hear them popping. 17. Kind of obvious but drop a bag of marbles in front of the principles off before school (make sure you don?t get caught.) 18. Call everyone a renob, toidi, or a drater (spell these backwards for retard, idiot, and boner. 19. Keep pushing the pen cap (the thing you press to make the pen tip come out) repeatedly. 20. Act like your gonna throw up run outta class all the way across campus and burp in the wrong bathroom.

funniness: 6.06

rating: PG