sara b.

Okay everytime i go on i am expecting jokes,pics,and comics to make me laugh. But instead i find the same stupid crap. Don't get me wrong some jokes are good but if you tell someone your joke and they don't laugh pLease with a cherry on top DO NOT POST IT CUZ IT'S STUPID. OH yeah also can you people who post those stupid jokes about an American,a Mexican, and French man where at the end the American ends up throwing the Mexican over a bridge,boat,etc STOP POSTING THOSE THEY ARE ALSO VERY STUPID. Everbody has already heard those a million times and even though you changed the names and where it takes place no one cares cuz we heard those jokes like a million years ago. So just do us all a favor and stop posting that crap on cuz me and eveyone else doesn't want to hear them any more.

rating: PG