j r.

A man walks into a restaurant and sits down at a table. After looking at the menu for five minutes, he puts it down and a waitress walks over to take his order. The man orders a bowl of soup and then sits back and waits for his soup to arrive. "Here you go, Sir. Enjoy," says the waitress. The man just sits there an looks at his soup. The waitress comes back ten minutes later and asks, "Is everything alright Sir?" "No" replies the man, "I want you to taste my soup." "Sir, I cannot it is against our policy for me to eat the customer's food" The man replies, "I want you to taste my soup, and I want you to taste it right now." Seeing that she was going to get nowhere with the man, the waitress sits down and grabs the bowl of soup from the man. She looks down at the bowl and says, "Well, where's the spoon." The man replies, "AH HA!!!"

funniness: 6.15

rating: PG