anony m.

okay i completely agree with the first 2 submissions about originality. you know, people should really make the joke interesting, and much more fun to read. i mean, come on people! when someone tells a joke on this site, it should be only submitted once. a different title and different names or a different story is so stupid. it's the same damn thing. and those illiterate people need to just not even try. i can't read something that says "fuckin ho did mah boy" okay? can't you at least go through 5th grade and type a decent joke? these people should go back to their mommy's basement out of the ghetto and get a life. and to the people who the jokes originally belong to: you guys are great. and those yo mama jokes? WHAT THE HELL? that's supposed to be a joke? no. that's just a peice of crap someone said because they couldn't think of something remotely funny to say.

rating: PG