Jazzy K.

Ok, so there's two jokes in this one. 1. There was a man that needed 29 bricks to build his porch. He went to a hardware store and started talking to a clerk. "I need 29 bricks to build my porch," said the man. The clerk smiled and said, "Well Sir, you're in luck. Today we're having a special sale of 30 bricks for $10.99." The man thought about this and said, "No. I only need 29 bricks." They argued for a while and came up with a solution. The man would buy the 30 bricks and just leave the uneeded one behind. So the man did just this, and set the 30th brick on the clerk's desk and left. The brick sat there all day. Every time the clerk looked at it, he got madder and madder. Finally when he got off work, he took the brick, went outside, and threw it into the air. Funny, huh? 2. An elderly lady sat beside a rather large man on a plane. The lady had a little annoying dog who wouldn't be quiet. (He was that kind of dog who went "Yap, yap, yap!!") The man smoked, and when he got tired of the dog, which was often, he would blow the smoke into the lady and the dog's faces. Finally the lady said, "Sir!! Would you PLEASE stop!! That smoke smells horrible!" The man replied, "Well get your dog to shut his mouth and then I will!" They argued a while, and then came up with a solution. (Sounds familiar, doesn't it?) They each went to the back of the plane. The lady agreed to throw the dog out of the plane at the same time the man threw all of his cigars out. They did this and went back to their seats. The man and lady got along splendidly, and didn't argue again the whole way. When the flight was over, they walked out of plane, and to their great surprise, saw the dog plastered to the side of the plane. You'll never guess what was in the dog's mouth... The Brick!!

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG