James M.

I thought it was a good ide to do this since others are too, but i made this stuff up by myself as a series. elevator tricks 1.bring a friend when somebody walks in start fighting over him/her (funnier if your the same gender) 2.bring a friend and what appears to be blueprints and whisper, if somebody asks what it is say it's a doomsday device and show a picture of a flower 3.When 5 people are inside start stripping, singing it's getting hot in here (plz dont go naked thats overdoing it) 4.When someone walks in ask if they've seen your anaconda around 5.stand by the buttons and dont let anyobdy touch them until you get off. 6.If you have a baby project where you bring home a fake beby make it cry in the elevator and when it stops you cry 7. make fart jokes 8. When its dead quiet (except the elevator noise) start laughing hysterically 9. ask everyone if there name is the same as yours (like for me my name is james) if the say yes say congratulations if not whisper that they;re going to hell 10.when you're going home or going to the top as you leave hit all the buttons 11. if you're waiting for the elevator turn on the intercom (if they have one) and sing the dumbest song you know 12. bring an accordion and sing polka 13. If you are at a hospitol or doctors, look discouraged ask what they're here for and ask whet they're there for if its surgery look sad and tell them your brother died when the doctor slipped, if not say, huh thats how i got cancer 14. screeaam 15. eat the best smelling food you can make in front of everyone 16. bring eggs and if someones there as you leave smack all the eggs into them (dont if he's bigger than you) 17. where a t-shirt saying you like whoever your state sport is going against 18.sleep in the middle 19.if someone asks you to press a certain button hit the farthest one going the other way 20.Bring the loudest music you have and a boombox works on the elevator, but funnier on the intercom

funniness: 4.08

rating: PG