Steven M.

An elderly gentleman walks into a health club to inquire about the exercise programs, club facilities, and perks of the establishment. He walks up to the counter where he is greeted by a Herculean body builder. "I'd like some information about the club." "Well", says the body builder, "this is a great club. We have a number of exercise and recreational areas for you to experience, and the fees are $5,000 per year." "$5,000!!!!" the old man nearly passes out.. "We have a free trial period that you can take advantage of," says the body builder, "but before you enter you'll have to remove your clothes, because this is a nudist club." The old man thinks about it for a moment, but figures, "why not." The old man walks out to the pool area where he finds a lounge chair. He sits back and looks at all the beautiful women, naked women, all about him. The site begins to stimulate him and he develops the largest erection he has had since he was a teenager. Suddenly, a gorgeous blonde runs over to him and jumps on his lap. She proceeds to do every imaginable sexual act with him. An hour later the old man, sweating, breathing hard, staggers into the lobby and slaps down the $5000. "You know," says the body builder, "you have a week to make up your mind about joining. Why are you paying now?" The old man tells the story, "This place is great. I haven't had an experience like this in years." Feeling good about himself, the old man walks back out to the pool area and orders a cigar. Walking back to his lounge chair, he drops the cigar. While bending over to pick it up, he is suddenly tackled from behind by a homosexual. "Auuugh, Stop!!, Stop!!", screams the old man, but to no avail. Ten minutes later it's over. The old man staggers back to the lobby where he demands his $5,000 back from the body builder. "But why? A few minutes ago you were all excited about the club. What has changed your mind?" After hearing the explanation from the old man, the body builder begs the old man to reconsider. "Think about the women you can meet. "Don't let this one incident affect your decision." "Son", says the old man, "I get an erection maybe once a month, but I drop my cigar at least three times a day!"

funniness: 7.53

rating: R