James M.

Yea i was bored so i just made this up i thought it was pretty funny Anywaaaay their are these three guys by a frozen lake they all thought it would be fun to slide across, so they went in alphebetical order, shut up, stupid, and That o. Guy (full name=that one guy) shut up got across easily, but stupid fell through the ice. shut up told that one guy to help stupid while he goes to get help. Stupid finds a cop and says, "officer! officer! stupid fell through the ice in the lake, we need help!" "is anyone helping them sayed the officer" "Yeah that one guy is helping him" "sir, are you fucking with me?!" "No, of course no officer" "Son, what is your name" "shut up" "WHAT DID YOU SAY" "i said shut up" So shut up got arrested. That one guy finally got stupid out of the ice and stupid went to a hospitol. He asked them,"can anyone help me" "whats ur name sir" "stupid" "not ur nickname sir, why dont' you tell me your full name?" "Stupid Retarted fag" "wat you call me!" "no i am, thats me, not you" Sir you do need help! That's when they through him in the crazy bin where he died of frostbite In other news stocks are up :)

funniness: 3.17