Sean H.

Are you a computer nerd? Take the quiz to find out. 1) I have moss growing: a. in my garden b. in my bathroom c. on my teeth 2) When I open my mouth at parties,people: a. listen b. ease away slowly c. stuff a live weasel down my throat 3) I think computers are: a. uninteresting b. interesting c. way too slow for the stuff I want to do 4) In general people: a. like me b. don't like me c. people? what people? 5) My friends are: a. diverse b. people I know from school c. electronic machines,usually boxy shape, that perform rapid, complex applications in addition to compiling and correlating tons of data 6) My dream vacation is: a. Tibet b. Europe c. In a room with lots of fluorecent lights and an unlimited supply of soda 7) My job prospects are: a. abysmal b. adequate c. they pay people to do this? 4-7 a's = Not a nerd 4-7 b's = On the verge of being a nerd 4-7 c's = YOUR A NERD!!!! GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GET A LIFE!!!!

funniness: 2.89

rating: PG