brian g.

Ok,so a guy walks into a bar and theres a sign "MAKE THE HORSE LAUGH WIN $1,000" he goes up to the bartender and says "can i try to make him laugh" the bartender says "sure but alot of people had trouble with it"he says "ok". He's back there with the horse about 5 min. and he whispers in the horses ear the horse starts laughing like crazy he goes to the bartender and says "ok, he laughed $1,000 dollars please" the bartender says "how'd you do it" he said "can't tell." A few weeks go by and he goes back to the bar a new sign is there "MAKE THE HORSE LAUGH, WIN $1,000" he says to the bartender "hey i was here a few weeks ago and made him laugh" the bartender says "yea i remember you" he says "can i try to make him laugh" bartender says "sure" he goes back there and he's back there about 5 min. and the horse starts whining like crazy he says ok my $1,000 dollars please the bartender says "tell me please I really want to know" he says "ok come closer" the bartender comes closer he whispers in the bartenders ear "the first time to make him laugh I told him my dick was bigger then his, and the second time I showed him. :+} Vote Please It Will Be Much Apreciatted

funniness: 6.10

rating: PG-13