Kobi M.

An old lady enters a city bus on her way home from the supermarket. It's a 20 minute drive to her house, so she looks for a place to sit. After seeing that there's no unused seat in the bus, she goes to a young man who's sitting next to her. Hoping to get him to notice her and give her his seat, she bangs lightly on the floor of the bus. The young man ignores her. She bangs again, louder this time. Again, the young man ignores her. This time, she bangs as hard as she can on the floor, and finally the young man looks at her and says, "You know, lady, if you put some rubber on your stick, it wouldn't make such a horrendous sound." The old lady smiles and says, "Well, if your father had put some rubber on his stick, I would have a place to seat."

funniness: 5.71

rating: PG-13