bob b.

There were three men one was American one was Japanese and one was Chinese. They were all friends. They happened to find a genie in a bottle and rubbed it. The genie came out and said, "I am the genie of the lamp I will grant you all one dick. I have a wood one, a glass one, and an electric one." The Chinese guy said, "I?ll take the wood one." Then the Japanese guy said, "I?ll take the glass one." Then the American said, "I guess I?ll have to take the electric one." The next day all three come back. The Chinese guy says, "My new dick gave my wife splinters." The Japanese said, "My wife broke mine." So the genie changed their dicks back to normal. He then looked at the American and asked, "Do you have any complaints?" The American replied, "No, because last night I was fucking my wife and it made her boobs light up."

funniness: 4.64

rating: R