brian m.

1.i dont want you to come to my school because you embarrass me.(she wont only come but she will also wear a clown suit.) to old for you to whip me.(she will whip you and call all of your freinds to watch.) 3.your food sucks donkey ass.(she will put soap in your mouth and make you lick a donkeys ass.) 4.fuck you(she will put soap in your mouth and you dont want to know what happens next.) 5.why do i need a baby sitter.(she will dress you in baby cloths and hire the worse babysitter she can find.) smell like ass.(she will go buy a skunk and after it sprays you she will make you lick its ass.) look worse then a clown.(this will make her real pissed she will shave your head,eyebrows,and eyelashes and then she will burn your face on the stove and will send a picture of you like that to every person of the oppisite sex in the world.) 8.if she asks you if anyone jumps off a bridge dont say yes because its pretty obvious what will happen next

funniness: 2.86