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At a school in Ione, there was a kid who didn't know a whole lot about SOCIAL STUDIES but was barely passing. The assignment for the week was to write a four page essay about what they want to learn or have learned. Knowing this, the kid put some thought into it and got an idea for his essay. On Friday the assignment was due and everyone turned in there essays FOR SOCIAL STUDIES. On Monday the essays were handed back and the kid got his back. When he looked at it he frowned. On the first page the teacher wrote: if i could i would give you an E for effort. On the second page she wrote: if there was effort. disappointed, he got up to talk to the teacher. "How come i have an E?" "accualy you don't any more it was the first one i looked at and it turns out you were the one who wrote the most in all of my SOCIAL STUDIES classes" saticfied the kid returned to his seat. His paper said on the first page: I want to know.... on the second page it wrote: as much as I.... on the third page: need to know about.... and on the fourth page: Science to pass SOCIAL STUDIES. that's as much as I want to know about Science. THE END

funniness: 4.00

rating: PG