Brandon B.

You can't keep a bad sister out. No-one's kids <i> really </i> behave, yet, in the grocery store, there's always a good example. You're not <i> really </i> his/her worst class. To avoid being kicked out of a bar, don't cuss the waitress out when she brings you a to-go box after you've only had a slice of pizza. Don't worry, there's always a dumber idiot than you. Run AWAY from the mad blonde! On sencond thought, just pull the pin and throw it back. There IS a smart-ass out there trying to piss you off. Erections are useless until high school. 16 is the magic number! By then, your daughter will come home pregnant or with a million piercings or tattoos. Everyone has stupidity, it just surfaces less in others. 67.158% of all percentanges are made up on the spot. Rest assured, you'll all be old, gray, and soft one day. And, finally, You just wasted all of about a minute reading this!

funniness: 2.80

rating: PG