Mike Y.

Once there was a town called Latasville, and they had a town hall in which town meetings were held in order to discuss problems and make decisions. Everyone was encouraged to join.However, no one has come to a single meeting in a long time. The officials wanted people to attend the meetings so they knew what was going on, so he decided to bring in a professional hypnotist as an attraction. The idea worked well, because at the next meeting, practically every resident came. They town hall was packed with people. When the time has come for the hypnotist to demonstrate his skill, everyone watched in awe. The hypnotist pulled out a watch and started to swing it like a pendulum, while chanting, "Watch the Watch!" The crowd became mesmerized. Suddenly,the watch slipped out of his hand and crashed to the floor. "Crap!" the hypnotist shouted in frustration. It took three weeks to clean up the town hall.

funniness: 7.34

rating: PG