Kirsty M.

A blode woman was really struggling with the jigsaw she trying to complete, so she decided to phone her boyfriend. "Hi Bradley, I'm doing this jigsaw but I just can't work out where to start." "Have you looked for the corners?" "yes, I can't find them!" "Are you using the picture on the box to help you?" The blonde is now getting really distressed. "Yes, Yes, Ive got the box inront of me, it's a tiger! i don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!" "Okay, I'll come over and we'll see if we can do it togther." When Bradley gets to hsi girlfriends house, she welcoms him and leads him into the living room, she's explaining that all the pieces looks the same. He takes her by her hand and leads her to the sofa to sit her down. He says, "Darling, I'm going to make us a cup of coffee and then we'll put the frosties back in to box."

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG