Detlef B.

2 men are on the death row in a native country. The first man is asked by the tribe leader, "Do you wish to receive death, or oogie?" The first man thinks this over, and considers since nothing is worse than death, replies, "I pick oogie." So the tribe takes the man out into town, where they gather a line of indians, bend the man over, and ass-fuck him until the whole town has gone. After "oogie" the first man is set free. Then the tribe leader asks the second man, "Now, do you wish to receive death, or oogie?" Now, the second man was homophobic, and replies, "I think I shall choose death." The tribe leader says, "Alright then, you shall receive death by hanging. But first-OOGIE!"

funniness: 5.35

rating: PG-13