noneofyour b.

A man was in a golfing tournament in Japan. He didn't speak japanese but he wanted that prize. He did very well in the tournament and was about to win but due to bad weather, they temporarily canceled the tournament. That night, the man was very happy. He knew he was going to win the tournament so he hired a prostitute. He started to have his way with her but she was shouting "Bung chow! Bung chow!" He thought she was happy about it so he kept it up. A few days later, the tournament resumed and the man won. He was delighted when he recieved a trophy. Then the man thought... most of these people won't know what I will say so i'll say something in japanese. I'll say what the whore said last night because she sounded happy. He started shouting "Bung chow! Bung chow!" After a few minutes, a man came up and asked him in the middle of his shouting "What do you mean wrong hole?"

funniness: 6.73

rating: PG-13