Kirsty M.

There was a ginger haired lady and a blonde haired man who were very happily married, however the ginger haired lady was disapointed with her sex life. When her husband left for a buisness trip a gingerbread man called round the house to clean the windows, she seized her oppertunity with both hands. First, she asked the gingerbread man to go upstairs, he said "Only for a chocolate biscuit" So she gave him a chocolate bisuit and he went upstairs. Next she asked him to go into her bedroom, "Only for a chocolate biscuit." So she gave him a chocolate biscuit and he entered her bedroom. Please could you take off your cothes and lie on my bed? "Only for a chocolate biscuit" She gave him a chocolate biscuit, and recognising the pattern, kept the chocolate biscuits in the bedroom where she could hand them out easily. She asked the gingerbread man to massageher boobs, stimulate her clitoris and lick her pussy all to which he replied "Only for a chocolate biscuit" and each time she supplied him with the biscuit he requested. Just as she was about to ask him for sex, she heard her husband enter the house."Quick get in the cupboard" "Only for a chocolate biscuit" her husbnd came upsatirs to find his wife lying on the bed naked looking panicked and guilty, he said there had been a man up her, she lied, he contined to ask her, she continued to say there had not been a man up here. Right then, he says, I'm going to pluck each one of your individual pubic hairs until you tell me the truth. He plucked and plucked, and there was only on left but it wouldn't cxome out, so he shouted, come out you ginger bastad! "Only for a chocolate biscuit"

funniness: 5.68

rating: R