Cody R.

Aliens are invading, What can we do? Someone please help us, We don?t have a clue. How do we stop them, How could we win? We?ll have to call Luke, He can save us again. Skywalkers the name, Don?t wear it out. He uses the force, To turn evil inside-out! Now is the time, He?s ready to fight. He will surely defend us, With all his might. There he goes, Fifty feet in the air. Now he?s attacking, With his light sab-ar! You wouldn?t believe it, It?s the big bad trader. It?s not aliens invading, Instead it?s Darth Vader! An unexpected twist, For Luke our friend, But it doesn?t matter, He still has to defend. Luke pulled out his sabor, But Vader didn?t bother. He just stood there and said, ?Luke, I am your father!? Luke jumped back, He didn?t understand. How could his father, Become an evil man? Luke ran away, He let Vader go free. Now big bad Vader, Controls the galaxy! With an iron fist, He ruled our land. Until Luke returned, To save us again! It was a short fight, Not much time to spare. But in the end, He beat Darth Vad-ar! Now peace has returned, There?s nothing that strange. Except Vader says, ?I promise I?ve changed!? Luke doesn?t believe him, But what can he do? He hasn?t done anything bad, In a whole day or two. I guess for now, We?ll have to believe him. But until we have proof, We can?t take his freedom! If he goes bad, He?ll face our wrath. Five hundred to one, You do the math!

funniness: 3.87

rating: PG