b w.

There's a building six stories high. the bathroom is on the sixth floor. A guy who had to go to the bathroom got into the elevator and hit the sixth floor button. on his way another guy got on on his way up to the bathroom, too. On their way uop the elevator got stuck. The first guy turned to the second guy and said "i've got to go baaad!" the second guy who just happened to be holding an empty cup from "burgers 'r us" looked at the first guy and said "piss in your own cup!" the guy with the cup unzipped his pants and started going in his cup. all of a sudden the elevator opened on the fith floor with all their staff members and boss the the first guy started laughing at the second guy. he laughed so hard that he wet his pants and everyone was laughing at both of them then the first guy pushed the button to the bathroom. after that no one saw those two at the office anymore.

funniness: 3.44

rating: PG