Jeremy E.

Once my dad gave my a dollar for my monthly allowance. So I went and showed my friend. He said "I'll give you 2 quarters for that 1 dollar." So I did. Then I went to my other friend and he said "I'll give you 3 dimes for those 2 quarters." So i traded again. Then I went to my brother and he said "I'll give you 4 nickels for those 3 dimes." So I traded again. Then I went to my other brother, and he said, "I'll give you 5 pennies for those 4 nickels." So I traded again. I then repeated this for two whole years. Now I had 120 cents in my wallet (I saved all of it). One day I was walking down a dark alley and a guy in a ski mask proceeded to jump out and try to mug me. I was then able to use my extremely heavy wallet filled with pennies to beat him up and turn him in. It turned out he was a notorious mugger and had a bounty of $10,000. So I made a lot of money. Moral: Quantity is better than value sometimes.

funniness: 5.46

rating: G